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Bradford is one of the cities with a high concentration of Indian and Pakistani students.

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Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, OIM7507-B Bradford Assignments

The assignment aims to show your understanding of key concepts covered in the module and your ability to apply those concepts meaningfully. The assignment will involve a combination of critical analysis and interpretation. Assignment background: You have recently started to work as an artificial intelligence and data scientist at a large organization (of your choice). The company's top management is unfamiliar with AI and DS techniques and would like to understand these techniques better. Therefore, top management asked you to prepare a two-part report showing how AI/DS techniques (i.e., machine learning and deep learning) can be used in organizational decision-making.

The first part of the report is the literature review. You should critically review the literature and highlight the opportunities and challenges of adopting AI/DS techniques within an organization or the industry in which that organization operates. You are expected to justify your arguments with the use of literature and should have a good balance of academic peer-reviewed journals, textbooks, other reports, and websites with our best UK assignment Bradford writers. In addition, you are expected to support your arguments with case study examples. (1,500 words) (50%)

FOMLSS/School of Management Entrepreneurship & Innovation Assignment solutions are available; just click on the sample button in the header section.

At the highest level, there is no ‘perfect solution’. However, higher marks will be awarded 

based on the following criteria:

• Clarity of depiction of a business idea and Lean Canvas

• Level of understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation 

• Range, quality, and scope of research

• Effective analysis of the original concept

• Clarity and evidence behind the decision to pursue or not

• Quality of reflective learning from the activity about successful entrepreneurship 

and innovation

• Application of Theory to Practice and use of academic frameworks

• Evidence of synthesis and clarity of discussion

• Work is organized, structured, and presented in a cohesive style

• Appropriate use of tables, diagrams, and references was made correctly.

• Creativity in approach and presentation

Applied Machine Learning and Big Data Strategy, OIM7508 Bradford Assignments

For this group report, you are required to identify key issues experienced in industries and/or society based on the literature review, address such issues, & propose potential solutions, thereby conducting data analysis. You are required to identify a dataset(s) (at least 1,000 rows) publicly available (e.g., Kaggle) relevant to your research gaps or questions. Our UK-based Bradford writers possess extensive expertise, ensuring exceptional outcomes to propel your academic success.

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Think about an ethically problematic situation you experienced or witnessed in an organization where you are or were a member. Write a reflective essay, answering the following questions: Briefly describe the situation. Explain why this situation is ethically problematic and what ethical issues or dimensions are involved in it. Did the organization do anything to resolve the situation? Was it effective and ethical? Propose your approach to resolving the situation and explain why your approach will work in practice. Our team of highly skilled UK assignment Bradford writers is dedicated to providing expert assistance to address any challenges you may encounter with your assignments.

MSc social responsibility

Digital Marketing, Campaign Planning and Analytics and Digital Marketing Metrics Module Code: (MAR 7509-A)

Individual assignment based on a given scenario and an organization of choice (3000 words), and our student got comments on this assignment like, "This is a good piece of work! The marks below indicate to what extent you have successfully adopted the role of digital marketing manager within your chosen organization and created an appropriate and well-presented outline of a digital marketing plan geared toward improving marketing performance. Introduction (3.5/5): You have produced a reasonably comprehensive overview of your organization, highlighting the industry or market in which it operates, its product(s), service(s), and/or brand(s) (PSB), as well as how and where it operates. Vision or mission? Target market (explicit)? Digital Marketing Strategy (25/40): While you have presented your 'digital strategy' for your chosen PSB based on the 3 models specified (Ansoff, STP, and Balanced Scorecard-BBSc), have you got the balance right in terms of underlying academic theory and application within your chosen context, and the content weighting right? The BSc carries 50% of the marks in this section and 20% of the marks for the whole assessment! Remember the '5W+H' framework with the six big questions: What is the BSc? Who created it? When? And, really importantly, why? Equally, how do you apply it (both in theory & practice)? Many, if not most, people presented a table here (with the BSc perspectives, objectives, targets, metrics, etc.). Digital Marketing Communications Campaign (DMCC) (22.5/40): Whilst you have developed and presented an outline MarComms. plan, it's very 'bullet' (i.e. a series of bullet points with the odd heading thrown in) and is lacking in underlying academic theory, e.g. marketing communications, the decision-making/buying process (AIDA/R model or similar), etc. Are your objectives 'SMART'? As for KPIs and metrics, there's an awful lot more you could have included on the MarComms, tactics front, in a table, so as not to affect your word count! Impact Assessment (3/5): You have identified the key internal and external stakeholders impacted by your strategy, as well as how they're impacted and what might be done about it. Investors 'internal'? Conclusion (0/5): Unfortunately, you haven't explained how you intend to monitor and measure both strategic performance (e.g., with ‘customer’ (and/or BSc) metrics like customer acquisition, satisfaction, loyalty, referrals, NPS®, etc.) and tactical performance (e.g., with MarComms. metrics such as (if appropriate) email receipts, open rates, click-through rates, conversions, etc.). And you haven't explained why it's so important to monitor and measure marketing performance, e.g., to understand, to learn, to prove and/or improve both efficiency and effectiveness, to justify, maintain, or obtain additional budget, to optimize, etc. A table would have been a useful presentation device here! Project Management (3/5): You’ve created a more or less complete, well-structured, and well-presented piece of work! You could have done with a little more underlying academic theory in some places. And finally, your thoughts and ideas were both clearly expressed (in ‘good English’) and supported by adequate and appropriate references. You need a few graphics and tables here and there, e.g., graphics of the basic (and ideally personalized) Ansoff Matrix and BSc models, and tables (e.g., BSc & MarComms. tools, techniques, channels, media, metrics, etc.). Graphics & tables can be very powerful communication tools."Our UK assignment Bradford writers possess extensive knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional results, helping you excel in your academic endeavors.

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At the UK assignment helpline, our mission is to connect students with top-notch UK assignment Bradford writers. With our dedicated team of experts, we ensure high-quality academic support tailored to your needs. Our UK assignment Bradford writers possess extensive knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional results, helping you excel in your academic endeavors. Whether you're facing complex assignments or tight deadlines, we're here to provide reliable assistance and ensure your success. Trust UK Assignment Helpline for professional guidance and support on your academic journey. Let our skilled UK assignment Bradford writers alleviate your stress and help you achieve your academic goals effectively and efficiently.

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