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Assignemnts of Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

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Assignment of Business Data Analytics Module code: OIM7502-B

Assignment of Responsible AI: Ethics, Law, and Governance Module code: OIM7510-B

Assignment of Blockchain in Business Digitalization Module code: OIM7513-A

Assignment: Developing Skills for Business Leadership

Module code: HRM7503-A

Assignment of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Module code: OIM7507-B

Assignment of Technopreneurship and Innovation Module code: EAE7503-A

Assignment of Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Capstone Dissertation Module code: MAL7504-E

Big Data Visualization (PG) Module code: COS7046-B

Assignment of Corporate Social Responsibility Module code: SIB7505-A

Assignment of Simulation Modeling Module code: OIM7514-A

Assignment of Digital Marketing Metrics Module code: MAR7509-A

Assignments in Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics typically involve practical applications of AI and analytics techniques in various domains. Here's an outline of what such assignments might encompass: 1. Problem-solving through AI: 2. Data Collection and Preparation: 3. AI Model Development: 4. Data Analytics and Visualization: 5. Evaluation and Interpretation: 6. Ethical Considerations: 7. Presentation or Report: Technical Proficiency: Developing skills in data handling, AI model building, and result interpretation using relevant tools and languages (Python, R, SQL, etc.).

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